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Public speaking : the basics - ADHOC-RH

Public speaking : the basics


30 heures

Vos objectifs

  • Improve the use of English in public meetings
  • Be heard and understood and hold the audience’s attention
  • Acquire correct expressions and surpass yourself

Prérequis : Aucun

2 jours en présentiel 

Vous êtes

  • All non-native English speakers who are required to participate in meetings held in English


1 Discover your real potential

  • Finding your own appropriate words
  • Expressing yourself despite errors
  • Asking others to repeat
  • Communicating spontaneously in English

2 Prepare yourself to understand other people

  • Identifying key words
  • Identifying differences in expressions and accents
  • Familiarising yourself with British and American pronunciation
  • Understanding non-native English speakers

3 Expressing yourself

  • Phrasing a simple message
  • Speaking up
  • Making an effective speech
  • Rephrasing and asking questions to move on

4 Develop your skillness in different situations

  • Conducting a meeting
  • Participating actively in meetings
  • Making a public presentation

Méthode pédagogique
Simulation of public meetings



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