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Boost your writing skills - ADHOC-RH

Boost your writing skills


14 heures

Vos objectifs

  • Acquire a good mastery of drafting and presenting current documentation in English
  • Mastering the main differences between written French and written English
  • Reinforcing the image of your company by using professional and relevant drafting skills

Prérequis : Aucun

2 jours en présentiel 

Vous êtes

  • Assistants, secretaries
  • Anyone using English to draft documents


1 Review the basics of the language

  • Most frequently used grammatical structures
  • Main errors to be avoided (false friends)
  • The main differences between British and American English
  • Using on-line aids (Word, Internet) to good purpose

2 Training yourself to write

  • Gaining in efficiency and rapidity thanks to the drafting method chosen
  • Write to be read and understood
  • Know how to be clear, precise and concise
  • Sentences of the type currently in use
  • Formal pleasantries

3 Mastering professional types of documents

  • Writing effective e-mails
  • Information letters, apologies, confirmation letters, convening letters
  • Requests for information
  • Quotes, orders, delivery notes

4 Using form to good effect

  • English pagination
  • Abbreviations

Méthode pédagogique
Training exercices in English
Analyses of case studies


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